Chicken Tortilla Soup

A big soup fan? Then you must definitely agree that the chicken tortilla soup is the tastiest one of them all, right? Then, what would you say about learning how to cook it? This mexican chef here is about to teach you! So, be quick to complete the first task he'll give you: looking for a sauce pan and placing it on the stove! Then, pour just a few drops of oil, too, and keep adding all the ingredients listed in this amazing recipe! Look for the bowl filled with chopped onion, then for the chicken broth, as well, for the jalapanos, for the can of sliced tomatoes, too, and, of course, don't forget about the main ingredient: the chicken meat itself. Keep up the good work and you'll be drooling over your mouth-watering, steamy chicken tortilla soup in no time! You'll no doubt agree that this is one of the most useful soup cooking games that you've ever played!

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