Frozen Christmas Cake

Have you already decided which is the yummy, yummy treat, the very special homemade Christmas dessert that you'll greet Santa with on Christmas Eve? We have a great suggestion for you! Play the frozen Christmas cake decoration game and learn to put together the most eye-tempting, most Christmas festive cake that you could possibly spoil good old Santa when you meet him this year!

Ready to decorate? You need to keep in mind hat your special Christmas cake, the most delicious surprise that you could possibly dazzle away Santa with should not just taste amazing, it should look amazingly lovely, too, you know! Therefore, before you actually get to beautify the first cake layer, make sure you focus on those tiny little details that make all the difference such as the lovely colored plate that you'll place your frozen cake on! While you keep digging through those tasty, Christmas special decoration, you'll see that none of the cake decoration games that you've played challenged your decoration skills, as a pasty cook, to such an extent! The cuter its color or print, the better! Next, feel free to set your creativity loose and make the cake's very first layer look as adorably yummy as possible. A nice color, a cute print and some cutesie cute Christmas special sugared decorations, such as tiny little frosty snowmen or tasty cute chocolate-made bells and your frozen Christmas cake starts to look so festive and yummy lovely already! Keep adding cake layers on top, keep dying them in gorgeous, eye-tempering colors and decorating them with yummy yummy toppings such as colorful candies or fresh, tasty strawberries and then, the cherry on top will be a delicious, cute Santa shaped sugared decoration or maybe you prefer a nice Christmas candle or rather a lovely Christmas tree?

Play the frozen Christmas cake decoration game and you'll realize that none of all the cake decoration games that you've enjoyed so far used to featurde such yummy, yummy, lovely cute items and none of them gave you the chance to put together such a spectacular, nicely looking festive cake!

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