Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

I bet you could hardly refuse yourself an ice cream treat, that the vanilla scent makes your mouth water and that refreshing, yummy juicy cherries are some of your top favorite fruities! Well, what if you coul enjoy a 3 in 1 heavenly delicious dessert: a cherry vanilla ice cream? Moreover, you don't need to dream about it and droll upon this yummy fantasy, since you get to cook it yourself, anytime you want to give yourself a delicious fruity, reinvigorating treat! It's surprisingly easy! First you pit the cherries, then you boil them for a few minutes, picking all the kitchen tools and ingredients prepared there, on the on-screen kitchen counter, in the indicated sequence. Then, you simply move your on-screen knife along the vanilla pod cutting it into small, aromatic pieces. Next, it will be the cheese' turn to get sliced!

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