Cheesy Patty Melt

It's not quite a hamburger, but it definitely is as mouth-flatteringly tasty as a burger, and it sure is far more than just a sandwich! This cherry patty treat here makes the perfect finger-licking good type of snack to satisfy your hunger and spoil your taste buds anytime anywhere! Curious to discover how you can cook it? Then be quick to take the first step listed in its recipe: pouring just a few drops of oil into the saucepan already placed on the stove that you have there. Then, add all the indicated yum yum ingredients, such as mushrooms for instance, and don't forget to season your mixture with pepper and salt and to boost its flavor with some Worcester sauce and a few drops of balsamic vinegar, too! Since you usually play cooking games like a maniac (don't you?) you couldn't have missed particularly this fun tutorial here, right? Next, it's time you put together the meaty mix that you'll be using for your future patties!

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