Carrot Cakes

Which dessert could have been Bugs Bunny's, the ultimate carrots fan, top favorite dessert if not: carrot cakes? If it's not already one of your favorite treats, too, then it will surely become your new “addiction” after you've learned all about his famous cake recipe! First things first, though: get ready for mixing the very first ingredients. I'm talking here about sugar, a few drops of oil, eggs, vanilla, which will all get blended in with the help of that on-screen mixer you have there. Then... add some more ingredients, such as chopped carrots and coconut, for instance. Isn't this game here one of those cake cooking games that really challenge you to put that skillful baker inside you to work? Once you're done with all the pouring and the mixing, get those muffins cups ready to receive the yummy cake mix! Greasing them first before you fill them in, is a major step to take!

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