Bonnie Hair Doctor

Poor Bonnie! She used to have a head-turning, gorgeous, long, long blonde hair that would always make the other young ladies envious! Not anymore, sadly, for now her once so beautiful locks are not looking very healthy, and where do you add that they're covered in dandruff and that unfortunate Bonnie has lice, too. There's no time to lose! Turn yourself into Bonnie's dermatologist, then into her personal hairstylist, too, and get her locks from dreadfully looking to... fabulous! Fist things first: grab your magnifying glass and hunt down all those disgusting little lice hiding in her hair. Remember to cut all those awfully looking split ends, then to apply a special homemade hair lotion on Bonnie's locks, one that will help her get rid of that nasty looking dandruff, one of the main causes for her low self-esteem! It sure is one of the unique Barbie hairstyle games online, isn't it? Apply a special antibacterial shampoo, too, then get to the hair styling part, too, giving gorgeous Bonnie an attention-grabbing, trendy chic hairstyle!

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