Beauty Salon & Spa

This gorgeous young lady here might be gifted with a stunning natural beauty, but she won't get lazy and let it fade away. No sir, she's a regular customer of this spa and beauty center here, where she's pampered just like royalty and where she can give that jaw-dropping beauty of hers a major boost. Her beauty rituals here at the beauty salon always starts with a hairstyling session, so chop- chop and step into the shoes of her personal talented hairdresser! Get her beautiful locks soaking wet, wash them through and through and, once her hair is all clean and moisturized, work your creativity and style it up to your liking and... to the latest hairstyle trends, too, definitely! Since we're pretty sure you've already tried most of the new spa beauty games available online you will definitely agree that this is the most inspiring one of them all! Handle all those tools, such as the scissors, the curling iron, the comb and so on just like a professional stylist would. Once her tresses have received all your attention and have been turned into a trendy chic haircut, go on and carry out your skin-perfecting mission, too, playing the role of a skilled facialist!


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