Baby Talking Tom Makeover

Poor baby Talking Tom: he's injured himself on the playground , in the park, today, while riding one of those those merry go rounds there and now the poor thing is covered in cuts, woulds and nasty looking bruises. Do you think you could tend the little tomcat's wounds? Then grab all those medical instruments one by one to get your adorable kitty patient cleaned up, first of all, then to extract all those splinters from his wounds, to disinfect all his wounds, as well, and bandage them too. Next, place a special eye mask to help him get rid of all his unaesthetic dark under-eye circles and then... cheer up cute baby Talking Tom with a fun fashionizing session, as well. Scan through his cool chic little outfits and attention-grabbing, trendy accessories and get him a new funky stylish fashion look to complement his kitty cuteness with!

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