Baby Haircuts

Angie's ready for her visit to the hair salon! Her mommy would very much love to give her little princess a brand new lovely chic haircut, so what would you say about playing the role of this tiny mademoiselle's hairdresser? Get ready yo shampoo her baby curls, through and through, then to rinse the entire foam off her hair, but meanwhile, pay great attention to her facial expression. She might get bored or restless on that chair and you might need to get her to favorite teddy bear to hug or a cute toy car for her to play with or you might just have to cheer her up with a... yummy, yummy slice of cake. You can forget all about the “conventional” game-play specific to all the other hair cutting games available online. Keep working your skills as a hairstylist and comb your little customer's hair, then pick a new candy lovely hair color as well, but keep in mind that now and then she might just miss her mommy and you need to click the indicated tabs for bringing her mom for comforting her. Enjoy!


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