Dora's Haircut

Dora's so ready for a change, for a hairstyle change I mean! She'd very much like to give her lovely locks a brand new look, one that should best frame her cute features and complement her natural beauty. Would you like to be her personal hairstylist getting the Dora's haircut game started?

Don't think that you'll simply rush in and start cutting! No sir, you're a professional hairdresser, so you'll need to complete all the other preliminary steps. First, apply shampoo on her long, beautiful hair, then, wash off the foam, then apply all sorts of other professional hair care products such as conditioner and hair mask, blow dry her hair, comb it and... only then feel free to show off your hairstyling talent! There sure are many types of challenging hair cutting games online, but few of them as engaging as this game here, right? You'll have your chance to really exercise your creativity as a hairdresser putting together the perfect, chicest haircut for lovely Dora. Decide whether a short hairstyle or rather a long-length one would best suit her cute looks, if she should go for bangs or not, for curly or rather for sleek straight hair and so on...

You might have tried other great hair cutting games online, but you should admit it: none of them did really make you feel like a real-life professional hairstylist, right?

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