Friendly Dog

Since he's such a a sociable little puppy, this puppy is so looking forward to making friends with you, you know! He's so excited that you're going to be not just his new buddy, but his new stylist, too, so how about getting the friendly dog game décor started and getting this cutesie a brand new, heart-melting adorable and chic look?

The first thing you should think about is his lovely face expression. Would you go for a super, super cute one or rather for a funny-goofy face expression with big puppy eyes and long ears? Next, how about putting all the efforts to guess which one of those tiny balls there would is his top favorite one? The vivid green one or the navy blue little ball? If you're a big puppy dress up games fan, than you're sure to become this specific cute game's no.1 fan, too! Keep making the best selection and picking the cutest bowl for our chic puppy here, whether it's one featuring a cute doggy paws or a yummy tiny bone print! Don't forget to accessorize your fluffy buddy, too, picking the leash that would best complement his adorable eyes and that would best match with his fluffy fur color. So, what should it be then: a statement spiky one or one featuring a a cutie cute heart-shaped pendant?

It would be a pity to stop now here since there are lots of puppy dress up games for you to enjoy on Rainbowdressup. So, are you ready to style up another fluffy pooches now?

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