Zoo Animals

Are you a big animal lover? Then one of your dream jobs must definitely in a zoo, as an animal caretaker, right? See if you would make a great caretaker in real-life acting as these lovely animals' guardian angel in the online world! What type of zoo animal have you always dreamed to look after? It is a cute zebra, an adorable elephant or maybe a goofy-sweet monkey instead? Once you've picked your cute “protegee” from all the animals queuing up to get picked by you, get ready to respond to the very first challenge as a caretaker: cleaning your animal's cage. Use the tiny broom you have on your screen for getting it spotless clean, then... see what you could do about all those annoying flies who're swarming around your new friend. By now you're surely convinced that this is one of the most addictive free pet care games that you've ever played! Continue by giving your zoo animal a well-deserved bath, too, brushing its fur through and through, getting it dried lest he should catch the flu and carrying out all those animal caring tasks that you're being tested with. Good luck!


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