Yummy Homemade Ice Cream

Do I sense an ice cream “addict”? Well, then what would you say if in a dream imaginary world you could enjoy your favorite delicious dessert any time you feel like spoiling yourself, without depending on your mom's mood for cooking it for you or without having to go out and hit the nearby ice cream shop? Now you can, for you're about to learn how to cook a homemade ice cream delish to drool for! Go on and put together the first mouth-watering mix pouring lots of yummy heavy cream and a few spoonfuls of sugar into the bowl you have there. Next, place the onscreen wafers into the special tray put at tour disposal and, once you've layered them all, add some heavy cream mix on top. Are you having fun getting your cooking skills sharpened while playing one of the very best cooking games online? Keep doing so till your tray is filled with all the wafers and heavy cream topping available to you and next, in order to boost your future ice cream’s incredible flavor: sprinkle some chopped chocolate on its very top as well. This heavenly delicious treat will then go into the fridge for a couple of minutes!


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