Yummy Colorful Cupcake

How would you like to spoil your taste buds with some yummy and nonetheless eye-catching, rainbow-like cupcakes? We bring you the perfect baking tutorial, the one teaching you all about preparing these finger-licking good treats in candy-like colors! So, grab your apron and start looking for all the needed ingredients, getting the onscreen kitchen scanned. Look for the hand mixer, try to figure out where the flour bag could be, search for the bottle of vanilla extract, for the baking powder, as well... Then, get to work and prepare your cupcake batter: mix flour with sugar, with baking powder, with salt, then use the resulting mixture for filling in the cupcake wrappers placed on that special tray popping up on your counter! Place it into the microwave and wait for a few seconds. You might have tried many cupcake cooking games so far, but were they really as helpful as this baking tutorial here? Then, it will be cupcake icing's cooking time, followed, really closely, by the coolest part of this baking class: the cupcakes' decoration step!

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