Yorkie Lover Secrets

This sweet teen girl's idolizes her Yorkie puppy! You won't find a doggy owner who spoils and pampers her pooch more than her, that's for sure! Here they are now, the charming downer and her cute Yorkie, getting ready for the fun weekly beauty ritual that they enjoy... together! Join them being both the lovely girl's facialist, hairstylist and fashion stylist, and her pooch's stylist and beauty expert as well! Start their fun ritual with some major facial/muzzle beauty steps focusing on the cleansing, on the moisturizing, on the under eye dark circles removing steps and on the deep-hydrating one as well. Once their face skin/muzzle look flawless, go on an give their hair/fur a special beauty treatment as well! Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the extremely fun makeover games for girls, with the cuteness factor added, available online? Apply the same gentle shampoo and deep-moisturizing hair mask both on the teen beauty queen’s gorgeous locks and on her adored Yorkie's fluffy fur and next... give the lovely owner and her cute pooch a fashion makeover as well!


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