Wolf Cub

While other kids might be enjoying “common” activities on Halloween night, you'll be doing something totally different: you'll be looking after a poor wolf cub that you've just rescued! Do you think you could really take great care of such an unusual pet? First of all, make sure he gets accustomed to the wilderness, with his home forest. Guide him as he takes a nice walk in the woods, and be there to protect him from all those nasty spiders wanting to scary him away. Next, after such a scary midnight walk in the gloomy looking forest, make sure to gently wash his fur, giving him a nice bubble bath. Rub the foam onto his fur, then make sure to rinse it off. Lovely! Did any one of those pet car games online that you've enjoyed so far face you with the challenge of looking after a wolf cub before? Once your cute wolf cub is looking so very clean, how about getting him costumed for Halloween? Decide whether a spooky fun witch hat would suit him best or maybe some funky scary bat wings, whether he should celebrate Halloween dressed up as Frankenstein or wearing his rather spooky, attention-grabbing skull necklace.


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