Seaside Cafe

The weather is just perfect, the water is so warm and inviting, the beach sand is simply lovely, so what could possibly be missing from this picture to make a seaside vacation perfect? Well, a chic seaside cafe, of course, the place where you can reinvigorate your senses with your favorite summer drinks and tasty desserts, like the ones your have in theseaside cafe management game!

Now, you can just imagine, how crowded and overwhelming it can get for this cute waitress to attend to all those tourists at the peak of the summer season! She would be oh so grateful if you could give her a helping hand in seeing the newcomers to an empty table, in carefully writing down their orders and bringing them their favorite drinks and treats wile playing the seaside cafe management game. Quick, there are two BFFs beach girls who have made a pause from their sunbathing, beauty session and would like to freshen up with a tasty cocktail and have some delicious croissants or maybe some mouth watering slices of their favorite type of cake, too. Drag them to an empty table, see what their cooking preferences are, then choose the right type of refreshments and desserts from the screens your have there, in the back. Mind you don't get the orders all wrong, while playing the seaside cafe management game, or that you leave the customers wait in the line for tool long! Team up with our lovely waitress here and make this chic seaside cafe the most popular one in the entire resort, the place where tourists would keep flooding in to receive the tastiest food and drinks and get the best customers services,too!

Play the seaside cafe management game and make sure you sweeten and freshen up all those tourists' sunbathing sessions with your delicious deserts and super tasty, reinvigorating summer drinks!

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