Winter Layering Tips and Tricks

Who said that you could not get creative anymore, as a fashionista, when temperatures start to go bellow zero degrees! Of course you can, especially if you know a trick of two about layering your favorite winter fashion items, so that you can come up with some unique, attention-grabbing looks to defy the cold weather with! Get inspired by all the great layered fashion combos that you'll come up with for sweet teen Angela here! Mix and match colorful crop sweaters with flouncy miniskirts or high waist jeans or hipster chic shirts and knit sweaters with short pants and long cozy chic cardigans or boho ponchos or, for a fun (freezing) night out with the girls, dare pairing a tank top with a funky print crop t-shirt, black leggings, and a stylish black leather-sleeved winter coat. Don't forget to get playful by getting each layered winter fashion look upgraded with candy-like colored, eye-catching winter accessories, too!

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