Winnie the Pooh Differences

Do you know which is cute little Winnie the Pooh and his adorable animal friends' top favorite game? Spot the difference! That's right, they adore playing it each and every time they get to spend some quality time together and they're more than willing to accept you as the newest member of their spot the difference games fan club! They're about to play one of their favorite games right now, so what would you say about impressing your new sweet animal buddies with your outstanding perspicacity and detective skills, spotting all the tiniest differences in no time! In the first level you have cute Winnie the Pooh, his best friend Tigger and two heart-melting adorable heffalumps enjoying their fun sunny day spent on the green grass-covered field. Be vigilant and scan the 4 friends thoroughly, the flowers in the grass, the tree in the background and all the other details that catch your eye in these two apparently identical images here and spot the differences that will grant you Winnie the Pooh's and his friends' admiration! 

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