Valentine's Day Lunch Box

Wouldn't you love to surprise your half, on Valentine's Day, with a super yummy and at the same time so very delightfully looking present? What would you say about some mouth-watering, super cute treats to secretly fill in his lunch box with on the most romantic day of the year? Imagine his surprise discovering all those sweet-looking and nonetheless yummy heart shaped sandwiches and muffins the moment he opens up his lunch box. Now, till Valentine's Day you should practice your cooking skills so that you can be sure that your lovely surprise will then come out perfect. For preparing the pretty little hearty shaped sandwich the first step to take would be to slice four slices of bread using the heart-shaped cutter. From all the new cooking games online wouldn't you qualify this Valentine's Day special one as being one of the loveliest ones? Spread mayonnaise, place some delicious chicken strips on top, some fresh yummy tomato slices, as well, add some lettuce, too, and there you have the first Valentine’s Day special treats to spoil your loved one with. Next, work your cooking skills for putting together some adorably looking and so very tasty heart-shaped muffins, too!


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