Ultimate Pizza Maker

Are you a true pizza fan? Then, since you're really crazy about pizza, you don't even need amazing cooking skills, you don't have to be a famous pizza master chef in real life for preparing the ultimate pizza, you know. It's enough for you to really like this popular Italian dish, to be gifted with huge creativity and to get the ultimate pizza maker food decoration game started and the rest will come naturally; you will have customized your unique, mouth-watering pizza in no time!

Way before you get to select your pizza's star ingredients, you need to create the loveliest décor for setting your future amazing pizza against. Unlike in other pizza cooking games that you might have enjoyed over the internet, here you have to start from right to left, click on those categories tabs on top of your screen and select the chic table cloth, plate and gorgeous flower bouquet that will create such a festive décor, perfect for savoring such a special, one of a kind type of pizza in. Next, feel free to put into practice all your secrete ideas of how the ultimate, yummiest pizza in the world should look lie. What ingredients does it feature in your imagination? How does the pizza dough look like? Does it have tomato sauce? How about ham or peperoni? Is it decorated with fresh lettuce? How about olives, the ones that bring so much color and definitely so much great flavor to any kind of pizza?

Feel free to recreate the mouth-watering pizza of your dreams playing the ultimate pizza maker cooking game!

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