Toy Land

Is this like a secret wish come true or what! The moment you get the toy land differences game started you instantly land into a magic fairyland filled with cute toys, toys that you will have to scan just like a skillful detective, spotting even the tiniest differences hidden there. Good luck!

Do you regularly play online spot the difference games? Then you will enjoy not only the chance to work your skills and perspicacity, but to really enjoy your staying into this toys' dreamworld! There are magic elves, cute wooden toys, teddy bears and candy bars everywhere! The better you become, the more chances you have to discover new and new magic corners of this fantasy world! Take a close look at all those toy trains, scan them just like a detective would, then don't let your attention get distracted by all those candy pink wooden horsies there or by the adorable teddy bears, for you should use it for spotting hidden differences instead. Enjoy!

Play the toy land differences game and enjoy the company of all those fluffy or cute wooden toys there, impressing them with your amazing difference spotting skills!

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