Took Ghost Story

Oh, no! As they were exploring the mysterious woods behind their granny’s house, Daniel's younger sister, Erica, has got kidnapped by an evil witch living there, in the bewitched forest! The poor thing is desperately seeking his sister now and he's begging you to team up with him and join him on his dangers-filled quest through the forest! First of all he needs to find the devilish sorcerer’s cabin. Use the left and right arrows as suggested to you in the game's instructions, for guiding your friend Daniel leftwards and rightwards, through the woods, and make sure to pick up all the key items that you'll find scattered there, in the grass, or hanging in the trees: sweet little Erica's doll, the valuable binoculars, Erica's lovely knitted hat, an egg, etc... Could you deny that this is one of the most addictive free Halloween games that you've recently enjoyed? Once you've spotted them all, you'll, as if by magic, reach the evil witch’s spooky looking, haunted cabin. It's here that you'll need to face the second major challenge: helping brave little Daniel spot all the 5 keys that will help him unlock the cabin's door. Once in, you'll be helping him confront the scary witch, who's holding cute Erica captive... Have fun!


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