Halloween Magic Fun

This is not just another Halloween night for these two fluffy cuties here, for this doggy and his best kitty friend! It's this on this specific full moon night that they're taking their final exam, for they've been attending the best sorcerer's Witchcraft Academy for a couple of months, you know. Keep your fingers crossed for the two animal students, or, even better, lend them a helping hand as they practice their spell casting skills! Since they don't quite remember all the ingredients that their mentor had indicated to them for putting together the magic potion, they got it all wrong and accidentally turned into some... funny-looking creatures. You'll surely be having the time of your life enjoying one of the most addictive fun Halloween games that you've ever tried! Help them turn back into a cute kitty and an adorable puppy by helping them correctly put together that potion. Help them remember the enchanted serums to mix, help them plant the three wonder plants and spot the magic little creatures that they need to add to their potion, the one that will help them regain their former bodies. Good luck!



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