Tom Family Shopping and Cooking

The Tom family, I mean Talking Tom, Talking Angela and their cute bundle of fur, Talking Ginger, sure cherish their family dinners! Even as we speak the three members of this happy family are at the supermarket, shopping fresh ingredients for this evening’s dinner. What would you say, would you join them on their fun family shopping spree and then would you help them cook a delicious, healthy dinner? Talking Tom, the family's cook, is planning to spoil his loved ones with a tasty stuffed turkey and a yummy pie for dessert, too! So, do your best to spot all the ingredients on their shopping list, scanning the shevles in the supermarket. Look for carrots, for lettuce, for a big turkey, too, for bread etc. Then, put on your apron and help daddy Talking Tom stuff his turkey, then help him place it the oven for a couple of seconds, then give his famous pie an eye-tempting décor, as well. Enjoy probably one of the most engaging My Talking Tom games online!

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