Pink Room Cleanup

Can you guess which is this cutie's favorite color? Her entire lovely house is painted in candy pink, I mean every single room of her house... We cannot say the same thing about messy room, they're not her favorite ones, so how about helping her clean up her cute princess room getting the pink room clean up game?

Oh, no, mom's going to get back from work any minute now and she won't be very happy to see how messy this sweetie's room is right now. There are toys scattered all over the floor, are you can see the instant you get thischildren's room clean up gamestarted, clothes left everywhere around the room, chic sunglasses, hair pins and shoes hanging on the floor, on the bed and... pretty much everywhere else in the bedroom. In one word, only a hero could help this lovely little girl get her room sparkly clean again on time! Ready to play the role of a super maid? Then start by picking up the toys and placing them into the toy box and continue the pink room clean up game with the lifting up of all those school books there, arranging them on the book shelves. Awesome! You've managed to cheer up your cute friend and to help her gain the confidence that the house will be clean before her mommy's return. Now, are you ready to step into the messiest room of the house? You're in her rosy pink bedroom where chaos rules, since it's crowded with toys, clothes, books and all sorts of trendy accessories thrown everyone around the room. Pick them one by one, playing the pink room clean up game, see where exactly the need to be placed and, toy by toy, book by book and clothing item by clothing item, you will have picked them all up and put them in the clothes box, on the shelves or on the shoe rack there.

Enjoy playing the pink room clean up game, have tones of fun while responding to all the fun challenges prepared for you in each level, then if you “crave” for more, feel free to check out our entiremanagement gameslist!

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