Tom and Angela Wedding Kiss

Talking Tom and his sweet, furry fiance, Talking Angela, will finally get married! It's their wedding day today, you know, the kitty bride is about to walk down the wedding aisle, but till then the lovely couple can't stop... kissing whenever anyone of their guests isn't looking. Well, too bad that adorable little Talking Ginger's closely spying on them, looking forward to seize the chance of catching them as they enjoy one of their romantic kissing sessions! Do your best, as you enjoy one of the catchiest Talking Tom games online, to help these future newly weds kiss without getting spotted by intruding little Ginger nor by that nosy parrot popping up there or by any other intruders! When you're sure that no one is looking, give Tom and Angela a quick click, thus helping them kiss, then, when you see the warning exclamation marks popping up, be quick to warn them, too, that they should take a break from their smooching session. Enjoy!

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