Cook For Santa

Soon Santa will take a super long journey, on Christmas Eve, so you can just imagine that he will need all the strength and energy he can get for bringing lots of gifts to kids all over the world! How about cooking him some super tasty, delicious desserts that will instantly fill him up with energy and set him in the right traveling, present-sharing mood? Get the cooking for Santa skills game started and don't leave those moth watering sweets our of your sight!

Just bring together the fun and exciting of playing at a slots machine, with some deliciously looking, multicolored cookies, lollipops and cakes and the Christmas joy and start clicking those rolling desserts the moment you spot the sweet that you need to place on Santa's plate. Pay attention to the types of desserts displayed on top of the screen, then be really attentive and watch those rolling sweets real closely, giving the right, sudden click the moment you see the cookie, the cakes or the candy that's identical with the one shown on top of the slots machine! Once you select the right type of dessert, it will instantly show up on Santa's plate.

It's going to be a really long journey, for children from all over the world will be waiting for Santa to come and place their presents under their own Christmas trees, so do your best to gather as many sweets on his plate as possible, for he'll be needing a lot of energy for this journey! Click on those cards the moment you spot the sweets indicated on the top border and be Santa's most skillful little cook!

Play the cook for Santa cooking game and put together the most delicious, sweet menus for old Santa to gather his strengths before Christmas Eve!

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