The Haircuts Creator

What if you had the chance to work, as a hairstylist, in one of the fanciest hair salons in the virtual world? You need to take a challenging test, first, before you get hired, you know, so... grab your hair styling tools and show off your skills! The first major, major task to carry out will be the actual hairstyling one! You have one picky customer waiting for you to upgrade her locks and put together the exact hairstyle that pops up on your screen each time you click the “Hint” button! Wash up her hair, first off all, making sure, after you've cleansed it, to rinse off the shampoo foam completely, then master handle those hair irons, those scissors, hair curlers and hair dye tubes like a true hairdresser getting her a new fabulous hairstyle! If you have a weakness for hair cutting games, this fun hair styling simulation here will surely be to your liking! Go on and pair it with a new fabulous... dress, too, making sure to pick the exact one indicated to you as you click the “Hint” button. Have fun!


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