Tasty Sushi

There might be so many fun-filled sushi cooking games to play online, but do they all actually teach you how to cook some amazing tasty dishes? Well, that's what the tasty sushi cooking game does: it reveals to you all the greatest cooking tips and tricks behind this famous, tasty Japanese dish!

If you really want to make sure your sushi will come out as tasty as possible, then you should definitely take baby steps and do not neglect he little details such as... washing the rice. That's right, have the on-screen bowl filled with water, respecting the quantity indicated in the game's tutorial and get the rice nice and clean, ready to for the next cooking stage: boiling the sushi rice. Next, it's “ingredients hunting” time. If you want to be a sushi chef and cook a mouth-watering, tasty sushi, then good reaction times are a must. Grab those rolling ingredients on the left side of your screen before the monkey does, and drag them onto the oven. You will need to heat the oven first, then drag the pot, then all the other ingredients and kitchen tools, in the indicated sequence.

Become the best sushi chef in the online world, then look out for more cooking classes to attend to, since there are so many other great sushi cooking games to play on our website!

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