Tasty Cupcakes

I'm sure you'd join a cupcakes lovers' team, if there had been one, in an instant, right? Now what if you could express your weakness for this yummy, so very popular, cute looking dessert by... cooking it yourself? Attend the tasty cupcakes cooking game class and learn all the tips and tricks that a pastry cook and a desserts fan like you should know!

This lovely chef is here to help you! First, she'll take you to the grocery store for a little shopping fun! Read all those ingredients noted down on her shopping list and try spotting them all on those shelves there. So, we would be needing some fresh eggs for our cupcakes, some milk, a little bit of fresh cream, too... Once you have all those goodies that you need for preparing your tasty dessert, step into the kitchen and... let the cupcake cooking fun begin! Drop in those eggs into the empty bowl, pour some milk and a little bit of flour, too, take the whisk for mixing them all together and get ready for using the on-screen blender, too, as indicated by that tiny little red arrow on your screen. The next step will be all about baking and... decorating. Once you've taken those yummy cupcakes out of the oven, go on and decorate them with delicious toppings and colorful sprinkles, making them look as yummy as they taste. Enjoy!

Are online cupcake cooking games one of your favorite types of cooking games? We thought so! We have many other surprise games falling into this category waiting for you on our website, you know!

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