Talking Angela Picnic Day

Since they've been such good kitties the whole week, this Sunday, especially since it makes such a lovely sunny day, mommy Talking Angela's decided to surprise her two tiny bundles of fur with a fun picnic in the park! They're already there as we speak, you know, and they'd really appreciate if you could help them lay down all those yummy foodies that they've brought with them and come up with such a lovely, nonetheless tantalizing picnic décor! So, help Talking Angela select a so very pretty, chic picnic blanket first of all, a candy-like pink flower-patterned one or maybe a striped one instead, then go on and take out all the finger-licking good treats that Talking Angela and her two kittens have brought with hem, especially for this picnic, mixing and matching them in an eye-tempting picnic décor! I'm talking here about yummy sandwiches and hamburgers, about juicy, tasty fruit salads, delicious desserts and refreshing drinks. Don't forget to select a lovely chic picnic basket, as well!

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