Cool Koala

How does a travel to Australia, the cute koala bears' homeland, sound to you? There you'll meet and moreover, you'll get to style up the most adorable tiny bear you've ever seen, turning it into the chicest wild animal from his home forest. Get the cool koala dress up game started and exercise your fashion talent on this cuddling sweetie!

As if he hadn't already been super gifted with some hear melting, adorable looks, this cute koala bear has been endowed with an exquisite sense of fashion, too, uncharacteristic to any other wild animal in the forest. He is a special little bear, all right, lucky enough to have you as his personal fashion stylist. While he's hugging his favorite tree in his dear old forest, do your best to pick the chicest clothes and accessories you have in this lovelybear dress up game, and get him the cute chic looks that will easily help him stand apart from all the other animals living there. Do you think it will look even cuter wearing a girly chic polka dotted blouse, like the ones you have in the cook koala dress up game, or maybe a sporty chic t-shirt paired with a funky cool cap? Then, after you dress up the koala bear, if you complete his adorably stylish look with a sweet face expression (a pair of heart melting, cute little eyes and a cute smile, too) and a sporty backpack or maybe a cute little baby koala bear, you can be sure that all the tourists visiting this national park would want to have him photographed and all his koala bear friends there would get outshined by their buddy's new trendy chic look. Now, an eye-catching fur color and a cute, chic hairstyle and your new teddy bear here is ready to get all the attention there, in the natural reservation.

Enjoy playing the cool koala dress up game and make friends with this adorable little bear who's just like you, has a huge passion for fashion. Next, meet other fashion addicted girls on our site, trying other amazingdress up gamesfrom our super wide online games collection!

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