Sweet Escape

Don't you, too have a sweet tooth like pretty Paisley here? Well, then you must definitely understand that she simply can't help herself not spoiling her taste buds and have as many candies as possible once she receives a whole basket full of sweets, right? Now, do you think you could put yourself into the shoes of a little yummy striped candy there, named king Toothenrot, who'd do anything to avoid being eaten? Strive to help the little yum, yum treat escape the sweets-addicted little girl by jumping from one candy platform to another, avoiding, also, all the obstacles on his way to a safer place! Isn't this like, one of the “sweetest” free platform games that you've ever enjoyed! Use the left and right arrow keys for helping him jump for one platform to another, the up arrow key for helping him jump and reach the floating stars and coins and don't forget to pay a special attention to the double stripped candy platforms: once he steps on them, they will quickly disappear! Enjoy!


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