Kiss The Frog

Welcome to the enchanted forest where the bewitched little froggies live! That's right, an evil witch has put a dreadful spell on our two lovebirds here and transformed them into some cute little froggies. The poor things! Kissing is the only way they can regain their human shape, so do you think you could be their Cupid?

Play the kiss the frog fun online gameand be these two froggies' guarding angle of love, helping them kiss whenever no one in the magical forest is looking?You'll see, as you'll guide them through, from one level to the other that once, that their love will grow and, due to the sweet kisses they will give each other, they will be going through some major changes. They sure have so many challenges to respond to in order to break the awful spell put on them, so guide them through, be their helping hand playing the kiss the frog fun online game and make sure their strong love will win the battle with the evil witch! Do your best to bring them together and watch over their romantic moments together keeping a close eye on all those hidden intruders there, in the forest, and help them express their love for one another, find each other when they get separated in the enchanted forest and in the end help them...surprise! You'll be more then amazed to see where your precious help and your willing to play Cupid's role will lead and how this beautiful love story ends!

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