Super Barbie Design Rivals

How would you like to referee the newest confrontation between Kara, the Super Sparkle Barbie heroine, and her jealous cousin, Dark Sparkle? Their rivalry has fashion-related causes, these days, you know. That's right, Super Sparkle's cousin's envious of princess Kara's awesome superheroine costumes, the ones that she wears whenever she saves the world, and she tries to design some for herself, too, that could compete with and even outshine Kara's hero outfits, you know. Don't let that happen! Team up with cunning Super Barbie and, whenever her cousin isn't looking, help her get behind the sewing machine and ruin the superheroine costume that princess Corinne has been working on. Whenever you spot the exclamation mark popping up in your screen, you should know that Dark Sparkle's about to get back to her sequin machine and that Super Barbie risks to get caught “in action”. Don't let that happen, either! Quickly release your left mouse button, thus helping Super Barbie get up from her cousin’s sewing machine!

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