Summer Sunset

Rebecca and Olivia here have just got invited to an exclusive summer cocktail party, which will take place on the roof of one of the most luxurious restos in the city... at sunset! It's going to be unforgettable, that's certain, but how could they possibly get themselves beautified and styled up so quickly, so that they can compete with all those stylish upper class young ladies who'll be there, too? They're counting on your help for that, you know! So, start with lovely Rebecca and get her a polished, ladylike, summer perfect make-up look, opting either for highlighting her gorgeous eyes or for applying a bold colored lipstick instead. Next, dig through all her lightweight, breezy cocktail party sundresses, ranging from lovely, baby doll, full-skirt ones to gorgeous, floral print chiffon ones and stylish maxi size dresses. Once you've picked the one that will help her steal the spotlights at the party, remember to glam it up with some of her bling, bling diamond jewels and to go for an effortlessly chic hairdo for her, as well, next... focus on her gorgeous BFF, as well!

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