Summer Kisses

This upcoming summer vacation is sure to be the best one of these two cute lovebirds' lives! They can't wait to forget all about homework, early waking up, math classes and have a lovely time together. If only they could sweeten up their romantic moments together with some sweet kisses, too. This is where you come in, getting the summer kisses games started, to help them kiss without getting noticed!

It's the last, the very last class just before the summer vacation, so you can just imagine that no pupil there is paying any attention to what's being written on the blackboard. Still they seem to pay too much attention to our lovely couple here, in this lovelykissing game, who're trying to kiss. Do your best to give them some really quick clicks and bring them together in some sweet kisses, playing the summer kisses game, and other quick kisses to make them stop each time a teacher suddenly enters the classroom or a school girl crosses the room. They need to be as discreet as possible if they want to have the chance to spend an entire summer vacation together. Going through all of this funonline kissing game's levels you get to join the two tiny lovebirds on their way back home from school and even on their fun summer camp, being their guarding angel of love and doing your best so that none of their classmates or teachers even suspect about their sweet love. Help them kiss, fill in the kiss o meter and keep a maximum level of discretion.

Play the summer kisses game, be this lovely couple's best friend turning their summer vacation into an unforgettable one!

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