Strawberry Hazelnut Tart

There's no such thing as “the perfect time for having a yummy, yummy slice of tart”, right? Any time is perfect for rewarding your taste buds with a delicious slice of tart, wouldn't you agree? Well, then why should go for for any flavor when you could spoil yourself with... the tastiest of them all: strawberry hazelnut tart? Where do you add that it's incredibly easy to cook, too: you simply go shopping, first of all, and look for all the ingredients specified in the recipe: hazelnut, flour, butter, sugar etc. From all the cooking games 2014 this one here must surely be one of the most helpful, for a big pies fan like you, of them all, right? Then, you drop only the indicated ones, one by one, into the onscreen blender. You turn it on and... let it do its hocus pocus. Voila, your dough's ready to get rolled out with the rolling pin put at your disposal. Next you nicely place your dough into the pie pan there and add the baking beans on top. A few more simple cooking steps to take and you'll have your yummy tart ready in no time!


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