Spongebob Tooth Problems

We won't be seeing cutie cute Spongebob smiling these days! The poor little spongy's suffering, you know, he's having some dreadful toothaches who stop him from being himself and spreading joy all around him. Now, how about bringing back the smile upon his lemon-yellow adorable face? Point and click on the dental tools displayed for you on both sides of the screen and learn to control them just like a true doctor would! Use the right one for deep cleansing the yellowish teeth, the perfect one for removing cavities, for filling in nasty little holes, for removing calculus and so on. From all the tooth problems games online, this one here definitely stars the cutest “patient”, wouldn't you agree? Click the “Next” button once you've tried them all and... have some more fun master handling new dental tools popping up for you use in order to get poor Spongebob the perfect teeth to complement his... perfectly cute looks with!


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