Spongebob Draws Something

Goofy-cute little Spongebob's ready to step into the shoes of a fine artist, especially for you, and to encourage you to play a “guess what animal I've just drawn“ type of game with him! Are you in? Then stay focused, for he's about to draw his very first animal! Look at him, he sure looks like a little Picasso, doesn't him, and he's definitely such a gifted fine artist, too, wouldn't you agree? So, what's that? Could it be an adorable... dolphin or maybe it looks more like a kitty or a leopard? For every drawing you have there animal names to choose from, right there, on the left side of the screen. Do your best to click on the right one, strive to guess what animal cute Spongebob has just drawn for you! Wouldn't you instantly place it on your top favorite fun Spongebob games list? After the very first animal that you've guessed, you'll see that this is one of those fun Spongebob games that you instantly grow addicted to! Don't get discouraged when you get one of those animal drawings wrong! Go back and I'm sure you'll get the next one right!

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