Shoes Memo

Do I sense a... shoe addict? Well, then expect to witness a spectacular “parade” of shoes, ranging from lovely chic flats to fancy fab strappy platform shoes, to stylish tall boots and the list could go on and on. Still, don't waste too much precious time admiring all the trendy chic shoes showing up on your screen as you click and flip over these cards! Sharpen your memory skills as you pair them two by two, remembering the exact type of shoes hiding behind each one of those cards! Isn't this like the perfect challenge for a free memory games fan and... a chic shoes addict like you? So, do you think you could find a matchy pair for the candy pink ballet flats popping up behind one of the cards? How about a pair of fancy leather boots identical with those showing up next? Keep turning over those cards and match the identical shoes asap!


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