Banana Rama

See what it takes you to become better at team work playing the hungry monkey game!

Haven't you known that animals, too, can be great friends and that they can stick to each other when they face a difficult situation? Convince yourself playing the banana rama game!

Meet Tooki and Mooki! They are really best friends and know that two is better than one when they go to fetch themselves some delicious bananas. Start the hungry monkey game and you will see what team work is all about! We can even say that three is even better than 2, so feel free to give them a hand! In the hungry monkey game you need to pay attention to those hanging bananas, get them close to them pressing the right arrow buttons on your keyboard and once they are really close, press your space bar to give Tooki a lift. There, see? With your help she has just has her banana treat! Now, go on, Mooki is really hungry! That's not all. In the hungry monkey game is much more interesting than just a simple game where you just pick some fruits and that's it. Not at all! The bananas there are of several types, you have those than increase your life, those that multiply your score by 10 and another special one. I leave that to you! Can you guess what's special about the third type of banana?

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