Candy Booth

This cutie's candy booth sure is a sweets paradise on Earth for all those desserts addict customers stopping by her shop to buy their favorite sweets. From cotton candy, to yummy lollipops and tasty, mouth-watering looking, differently flavored cupcakes, there's actually no desert that they could possibly dream of that they cannot find here. Are you ready to make all their candy fantasies come true? Then have tones of fun playing the candy booth management game!

The colorful, dreamlike candy booth has just opened, so expect just a few seconds and... there you go, your very first customer has just stopped by your counter to spoil his taste buds with one of your famous desserts. What should it be, which is the first dessert order that you have to put together playing the candy booth management game? Would he like to have a blueberry flavored cupcake o maybe a tasty lollipop, from that lovely candy jar that you have in thiscandy store game? Quick, make sure you select the lovely cupcake wrapping, if cupcake is what he'd like to buy, make sure you pick the right flavor and that you add the right fruitties on top , too, for you wouldn't want the tiny sweet addict to leave your shop bursting in teats, now would you? Great! Get ready for your second customer, now. Make sure to pick the stick first, if it's a tasty cotton candy that the little girl would like to brighten up her day with and only the yummy cotton candy and to serve it to your sweet looking customer in no time, cheering her up the very first instant. Lovely! There's no time to waist, for customers keep coming in and there's going be a lot of pudding flavor, pieces of fruitties, candies and cotton selecting, so make sure you complete all the candy booth management game's levels and that none of those adorable kids entering your candy shop leaves disappointed and empty handed.

Enjoy playing the candy booth management game and be all those cuties' sweets fairy, then try other equally engaging management games on our site!

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