Santa Claus Cookies

I bet you did not know this about Santa: he's a great, great pastry cook and from all those goodies that he usually spoils his elves with, his Christmas special treats are by far the most popular ones:Santa Claus cookies! As we speak, Santa's getting ready to bake some for his hard working helpers, so... what would you say about learning everything about his famous recipe? First, you need to melt some white chocolate, using a pan and some water to boil it in. Next, Santa will let you know that you need to mix that yummy choco with some sugar, some fresh butter, as well, and other goodies into one large bowl using the electric mixer that he'll put at your disposal. A big, big fun Christmas cooking games fan already? You will surely become this lovely baking tutorial's greats fan, as well!Lovely Santa's so proud of you, you sure are a super quick learner! Next, you'll have to place your dough on the rolling pan and... roll it. Keep following all the steps that Santa indicates to you and in no time you will have baked some yummy, yummy looking, adorable Santa Claus-shaped cookies!


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