Rihanna Makeover

Whenever she steps on the red carpet, into the blinding spotlights, the crowd goes crazy, the photographers line up to take at least one photos of her... on thing is for sure, when you say “pop star diva” you say “Rihanna”. Now, do you think you could liven up to this superstar's expectations and get her the fabulous makeover she needs for looking stunning during her next photoshooting session? Test your skills playing the Rihanna's makeover game!
Even a gorgeous red carpet beauty like her needs a major beauty makeover, you know. Her face definitely needs all the pampering it can get so that the make up should look as glowingly gorgeous as possible. Therefore, let the scrubs', cleansers', facial masks' and facial lotions' parade begin in the Rihanna makeover game! Once you've followed all those beauty steps, go on and make ravishing Rihanna look double as fabulous as she looks now. Some vivid red lipsticks and mascara will instantly turn any gorgeous young lady into a stunning red carpet diva. Don't miss the chance of going through all her astonishing, haute couture evening gowns, too, and of glaming them up with those type of mind-blowing golden and diamond jewels that you get to look at only in your favorite fashion magazines. Enjoy being Rihannas' personal beautician and fashion stylist! A true Rihanna admirer like you is definitely a true Rihanna makeup games fan, too, right?

Then how about enjoying the loveliest on them all, the one that really challenges you to take your role as a celebrity fashion stylist really seriously?

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