Restaurant Kitchen CleanUp 2

OMG! This luxurious, five star restaurant is about to open in... just a few minutes, all those fancy upper class customers will start to flood in any minute now and the kitchen is a... pure mess! Only a magic fairy could help the kitchen staff clean it up that quickly... a magic fairy or: you! This “dirty” situation definitely calls for your super cleaning skills so roll up your sleeves and start throwing all the food leftovers and other types of garbage into the dustbin you have there. Chop, chop, chop, look for all the unwanted items and, as if by magic, drag and drop them, clearing the kitchen of unwanted stuff. Then, continue playing what seems like one of the most engaging free clean up games online by looking for all those still fresh, “good” veggies that should immediately be placed into the fridge, for all the kitchen tools hanging there everywhere, which should be put back into the cupboard or on the shelves ASAP. Don't forget about those nasty stains on the kitchen floor, on the kitchen furniture and hurry up to wipe them away before the chef gets to work and sees all this mess in his kitchen!



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