Winter Cottage

Once upon a time, in the far, far away dreamland, where snowfalls never stop and the trees are heavy with snow all year long, there lives a lovely ice fairy! Now guess what: you'll get to step into this snow white fantasy world and work your decorations skills to make this fairy's cozy cottage look even more lovely chic playing the winter cottage decoration game, of course!

Close your eyes and try to think how the house of your fantasy would look like. Once you've seen your dreamy house start looking through the great decoration options your have in the winter cottage decoration game. Some multihued bricks or rather some crystal blue ones would instantly add notes of loveliness to its look, not to mention that a matching chimney or, on the contrary, a differently colored one would instantly chic up this cottage! Pick the sweetest items to decorate your fantasy cottage with, playing the winter cottage decoration game, then continue with the selection of the door and windows. Now, you do agree, don' you, that the house of a fairy has to look stunningly lovely. A mushroom-made, candy colored roof is sure to complete its cute look, but do not stop here! The winter cottage beautifying session has to continue now with the selection of the perfect fence to highlight this dreamy house with and mind you don't forget about the background trees, too. Whether you go for a blue icy look or for a sharp green one, the trees around are sure to add the last touch of winter cuteness to your lovely decorated fantasy cottage.

Have fun exercising your decoration talent while you're visiting the eternal winter dreamland and don't stop playing the winter cottage decoration game till you're 100% sure that this winter cottage doesn't look exactly like the one if your most daring fantasies!

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