Restaurant Kitchen Clean Up

It sure looks like there has been a flood of hungry customers in this luxurious five star restaurant last night: the restaurant kitchen is super messy, all dirty and... not at all ready to greet the resto's chefs today! Would you work your magic and get it a spotless clean look again? Well, then you should get to work for it sure seems that you have a lot of work to do! If you think that online kitchen clean up games could no longer surprise you, wait until you respond to this major challenge here! Try to figure out where exactly each one of those kitchen tools should be placed, which is their place in the kitchen cupboard. Also, make sure to throw away, into the trash-bin you have there, all the left food, all last evening's food leftovers and see what you could do about the nastystains on the kitchen floor, on the kitchen counter and so on! Clean, throw away, organize and... don't stop showing off your super maid skills till this restaurant kitchen does not look sparkly clean again, the perfect place for all these fancy five star chefs there to do their cooking hocus pocus in!


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