The Spring Prom

OMG! Just one hour left till prom? Susan here couldn't possibly make it to her prom ball, on time, if you didn't lend her a helping hand! Her mom has just asked her to clean up and tidy up her bedroom asap or else she's not allowed to attend her prom and she still hasn't made up her mind what to wear at the ball either. So, chop, chop, play The Spring Prom, probably one of your future top favorite prom party games, and grant Susan the chance to turn herself into a... homecoming queen!

The first major task she wrote down on her list: getting her room a spotless clean, so very tidy look! So, go ahead and lend her a helping hand for picking and throwing all the clothes hanging there into the laundry box, all the books and notebooks scattered all over the room back on her bookshelves again, help her make her bed in the blink of an eye and then, once her bedroom’s sparkly clean again... hurry up, join her into her dressing room and help her get dressed up for the prom ball! You must have surely tried other great prom party games online, but not many of them have been... 3-games-in-1 in fact, right?

A candy-like pink, full-skirt princess dress or maybe a dreamlike, Cinderella dress-inspired prom gown or rather a sheer green, strapless, retro-chic dress instead? Decisions, decisions,so many hard choices to make and where do you add that sweet Susan here still has her prom beauty queen crown to select, the glittery jewels to glam up her dress with and the perfect heels, too. Last but surely not least: help the homecoming queen Susan kiss her handsome date, right on the dance floor, making sure they don't get caught by that super strict math teacher popping up in the background precisely for spying on them!

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